After logging in and navigating to your Sermons page, click the Manager Icon to begin editing:

If your sermon player is setup in Series mode, you may do the following:

  • Use the [ + New Series ] button to add new series
  • Click once on the image to edit the series
  • Click and drag the image to reorder the series sequence
  • Click [ Manage Sermons ] to continue to the Sermon Manager page

(Example of Series based Sermon editor)

Once you are on the Sermon Management page, click [ + New Sermon ] to add a message.  Now you may add or edit the following items:

  • Date - sermons will be sorted by date
  • Title, Author & Description
  • Video Imbed Code - if your sermon has a related video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo
  • You may upload a related Attachment (.pdf, .doc, etc.)
  • Your sermon MP3 file.  Large files may take a while to upload.  If you have difficulty uploading a particularly large file, you contact us.